Joost Vos

Product Designer

The Funding Network



Re-design a crowdfunding platform for a better UX experience which would increase participation in funding a start-up.

Role: research, concept, UX


The starting point was to understand the current user flow, frustration points and usability bottlenecks. Through competitor analysis, personas and a customer journey map information was gathered about pain points and opportunities.


In order to stimulate funding participation in start-ups, Symbid needed a different approach - a more personalized approach such that the user is kept informed about the start-up business development on a more user specific level.

We came up with three core guidelines for the new platform. We used these guidelines through the entire design process.


Early in the process, the entire team had ideas about how the customer journey and especially the online touchpoints could be improved. We not only discussed functionalities for wireframes but also determined some principles to further define the concept.


In April 2016, during the development of the wireframes, Symbid stopped all digital development, and later on, discarded the development team including me. More about this here