Joost Vos

Product Designer

Partner pages



Convince prospects to partner up with Mollie which would lead to new businesses and conversion increase.

Role: UX, design, prototyping

Research & concept

Mollie wanted to focus more on partnerships in order to expand their market share. A competitor analysis was executed to plot core values ​​for the landing page.

Another important focus within the concept was the experience of current Mollie partners. These experiences were included throughout the website at various points.


Because the concept was well defined, the next step was to give it shape and colour. The visual design process was very iterative and many color schemes and illustration styles that matched the concept that we had previously defined in the process were tested.

Simultaneously a brand change was on-going internally during this process, that put extra pressure on selecting the right style. My extensive interaction with the stakeholders resulted in an agreement with regard to the visual design.


A sign-up increase of twenty percent and increase in conversion and market expansion.