Joost Vos

Product Designer




Re-design the checkout and improve online payment confidence using micro-interactions.

Role: research, UX, design, animations


Research showed that ease and safety aspects have a major impact on the choice of users to pay online.

In order to eliminate concerns, it was important to communicate clearly what the user could expect, what the rationale behind the need for data is, to make clear that the user is always in control and that sensitive information would be processed adequately.


The concept needed to be clear and reliable. The main task was to make the payment environment feel safer. The biggest conceptual challenge was to create appropriate micro-interactions, with the right speed and velocity curves and with a human touch.


When the guidelines were clear and the concept was delineated, a start could be made with the first sketches and successively with multiple design iterations.

Thanks to extensive consultation with all stakeholders about the design, we came up with a split-screen design. The left side for the payment section and the right side for product or brand information. Micro-interactions were included in the payment section.


The checkout project was executed as part of my bachelor thesis. As such the outcome was documented in one document.