Joost Vos

Product Designer

Apetito meal service



The re-invention of a meal service for elderly people using persuasive design.

Role: research, UX, design, prototypes


The biggest challenge was to attract elderly people to order online. Because their digital adoption is often lacking behind, this given had to be prominently included in the design.

Some basic guiding principles as defined by the Nielson & Norman group where used as a starting point. Also, the competitor analysis revealed that accessibility possibilities and a clear design were key.


The concept was simple - help the elderly to put together, select and pay for their meals through simple guidance.

In order to frame the concept well, five guiding principles were selected that served as a checklist.


Based on the drafted principles, a design was iteratively developed that matched the wishes of the stakeholders and users. The users needed to be in control at all times and when needed they should be able to change a selection. This was solved with the help of direct manipulation.


Currently, Apetito is being developed and hopefully launched soon.